Curtains add the right touch to a room, but they also serve as decoration. It’s good to know that you know how to take good care of curtains. Do you know how often to clean them? Can you use a washing machine? Here are some handy ideas for caring for curtains and drapes brought to you by Major Carpet Cleaners for Curtain Cleaning Services.

Weekly care for curtains and drapes

For weekly care, use the brushes on your vacuum cleaner to vacuum the heavier curtains.

For light curtains, occasional shaking is more practical to protect the delicate fabric. When cleaning curtains, focus on stains that are visible. The surface is particularly prone to accumulation of dust along the rod.

When washing, first check the care label. If you are in doubt about the curtains, then try first washing a small corner with a mixture of water and a small amount of liquid detergent or liquid soap. Most curtains and drapes are washed in cold water with a small amount of detergent. Fine lace and upholstered curtains can be washed better by hand. Curtains can be placed in an old pillowcase, which is tightly closed to prevent tearing and damage.

Drying in the tumble dryer will also work for washable curtains. Remove them from the dryer before they are 100% dry. Try to pick them around when they are 95% dry.

Dry cleaning

Some curtains may have a label that only recommends dry cleaning. Any other than dry cleaning is at your own risk. Some fabrics may fade if not properly cleaned and others may shrink. If you decide to try by machine or hand washing, use a very mild detergent and a gentle cycle. Do not clean anything else with them, as they may discolour. Dry them and use only light ironing if necessary.

Steam cleaning

Some steam cleaners have accessories for curtains and drapes. Keep in mind, however, that only curtains and drapes that are machine washable will be able to catch steam.