We often turn our sofas into a table: that is, we eat and drink sitting on it. However, it is better to rethink this decision, however comfortable and relaxing it may seem. Stains, unexpected dirt and bad odour can be transferred to the fabric and cause a tremendous headache to be entirely removed.

In addition to avoiding these attitudes, it’s a great step of how to clean the sofa and upholstery every week — and just soap and a sponge are enough! As performing this task daily is impractical and can even wear out the materials, the 7-day interval is ideal to keep everything well taken care of.

Two tips are valuable for everything to go as planned: the first is to use wet wipes, an efficient and versatile means of cleaning since it can be applied to other furniture in the apartment; another important action is to adopt supports on the sofa’s arms, which will keep them well maintained for longer.

Be careful with excess powder

Dust particles are always present, even if you can’t see them. They are one of the great villains when it comes to cleaning sofas, upholstery and fabrics in general, don’t you agree?

A good quality vacuum cleaner is a great option for getting rid of dust and can be seamlessly integrated into the weekly cleaning we mentioned in the previous topic. Keeping fabrics sanitized and away from dust is especially important to fight dust mites.

Invisible to the naked eye, they are found in various corners of the house, such as mattresses, carpets and curtains, and unfortunately, they are also found on sofas and fabrics in general. Dust mites cause allergies, which intensify in winter, as we tend to leave the rooms more closed due to the cold.

Generally speaking, these creatures lie among the fibres of upholstery and fabrics, rather than on the surface, which makes cleaning difficult. Thus, the vacuum, for operating efficiently in these gaps, is the best option both to fight dust mites and to keep your home away from dust.

Remove stains immediately

If accidents still occur with food or liquids in your parts, it is extremely important that cleaning is carried out immediately. This is because several materials can leave strong stains on the fabric and the total removal will be more difficult if cleaning is not done at the time of the incident.

For more superficial stains and lighter dirt, a litre of water mixed with a portion of white vinegar is enough. An alternative is to use two teaspoons of baking soda mixed with a dose of neutral detergent.

In that case, put this mixture in a spray bottle and apply the content directly to the stain. It is important to use a soft brush to scrub the dirt, alternating clockwise and counterclockwise movements, to prevent the stain from spreading. Then, just remove the excess with a damp cloth and dry the fabric with a dry one.

Perform cleaning according to each material

Different types of material require different cleaning techniques. In fabrics such as linen and velvet, the tip is to use a clean cloth moistened with a litre of warm water and a smaller dose of white vinegar. Then, just pass it on the sofa and let it dry naturally.

When the sofa is of leather or courier, an optimal measure is using a damp cloth with a solution of water and mild detergent. To conserve the material, apply liquid silicone with the aid of a flannel. Repeating this action every 3 months will help to properly hydrate the garment.

There are different types of leather and some of them are quite delicate. But it is possible to have daily care with the use of dusters to remove excess dust. Something important to do, too, is to check the sofa label to find the most suitable products in case there is a need for a more severe repair, as in the case of accidents with liquids.

Finally, when the material of your sofa, you need to be especially careful so that everything turns out well. Use cloths lightly dampened with water only and, depending on the level of dirt on the furniture, use neutral detergent.

Eliminate dog and cat hair

For those who have pets at home, animal hair is a constant headache, especially when attached to sofas and fabrics in general. The vacuum cleaner is a valuable ally, but it is also recommended to use adhesive tape to reinforce the care.

Wrap a piece of tape around your hand and, with the sticky side facing out, rub it all over the area. Thus, the material’s glue will quickly eliminate the hairs. Another interesting technique to optimize animal care is waterproofing.

It consists of the direct application of specific products to protect the various parts of a piece of furniture. In this way, it is easier to avoid more intense penetration of different liquids and foci of dirt in general.

As long as the products specified on the sofa label are respected, they can be carried out by the residents of the residence, using sprays and other items. However, in case of cleaning a larger amount of furniture, it is recommended to hire professionals specialized in the field.

Anyway, this technique is especially useful to keep your pieces preserved and well cared for longer, especially for those who have pets at home.

Did you notice how some simple actions are quite efficient to maintain the integrity of your furniture? Now that you know how to practically clean the sofa and upholstery, just fit these tips into your schedule and reap the results.

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