Beyond the classic stains, short or long pile rugs are particularly afraid of cigarette burns. It may be a small, almost invisible hole or a larger mark, in which case it is necessary to act. Discover all our solutions and tips for removing burn marks from a carpet, before calling on a restorer upholsterer.

Cigarette burns on a synthetic carpet: what to do?

Synthetic material is particularly vulnerable to cigarette burns. They cause small holes that no cleaning can fix.

However, you can remove the darker fibres with a classic technique. It consists of removing traces by dabbing them with a mixture of water peroxide or hydrogen peroxide at 20 volumes. The organic method recommends rubbing the traces with a piece of sugar. This natural method can be effective only if the stains are superficial.

How to remove burn marks from an oriental rug?

An Oriental rug is a decorative object that withstands frequent passages rather well. On the other hand, is made of natural fibres, it does not support burns. However, there is a solution to save the carpet.

If it is a small mark, you can easily repair the oriental rug yourself by cutting off the long burnt hairs with a pair of scissors. But if the burn hole remains too marked, it is advisable to call in a professional in the restoration of natural fibre rugs.

Specialists are responsible for repairing this type of carpet damaged by a burn. They have the ancestral know-how of the weavers, which is essential to reproduce the part that is missing on the object. Before entrusting your decorative object to a restaurateur, make sure of its professionalism.

If a section of the carpet is seriously damaged, the repair upholsterer may resort to the cookie-cutter patch. This technique involves cutting a clean outline around the stain and replacing it with a hand-woven piece. The connection is made on the underside and remains somewhat visible. But on the upper side, the carpet turns out to be impeccable, as if nothing had happened.

Tip: Take the opportunity to request a deep cleaning of the carpet. Thus, your object will come back to you like new.

Remove burn marks from a carpet with tweezers

The idea is to remove damaged hair. To do this, use tweezers to loosen the burnt fibres from the carpet. These must be straight for the operation to be as easy as possible. If it is a small burn hole, the mark will go almost unnoticed.

Cut off the burnt part with scissors 

Using a pair of scissors, cut off the top layer of the rug that was burnt. Care must be taken not to eliminate the lower part which has remained intact. For that, it is necessary to act with precaution, without hurrying.

At first, the carpet may be difficult to cut. While cutting, pull on the fibres so that you don’t forget any burnt pieces.

Tip: You can use regular scissors or a smaller, sharp pair with a curved edge. Usually, this type of scissors is used to cut your nails.

The other possibility is to remove burn marks by cutting the fibres with a razor. The tool will be used to cut out the affected area. Shave down to the adhesive base of the mat before lifting it. Cut in a square or rectangular shape so that the result is clean.

The solution to remove burn marks from a carpet

If you are worried about cutting, you may well consider covering the stain with fabric paint. It must be waterproof and on the colour side, you have to find a shade that is as close as possible to that of your carpet to obtain an aesthetic rendering.

To paint, use a thin brush. Dry for 24 hours or for the length of time stated by the manufacturer on the paint can.

Glue another piece of carpet to hide

If it is a large rug, you can use this trick. It is enough to cut a piece of carpet in an inconspicuous corner or to collect fibres in a dispersed way. Be sure to choose the same patterns so that it matches and does not shock the eye.

Then, spread waterproof glue at the bottom of the hole without hair, as well as on the recovered fibres.

Finally, as soon as the glue is dry, restore volume to the carpet by vacuuming. And if necessary, to rebalance the pile of the carpet that is too long, use a small pair of scissors.

Burnt carpet: remove traces with Marseille soap

Marseille soap is a natural product that eliminates stains on textiles. To remove stains from your fabric carpet, use dry Marseille soap and leave to act for a few hours. Then wash and rinse.

Be careful, however, with Marseille soap which may leave halos after stain removal. It is best to use this trick as a last resort if the previous ones have not been successful.

Light burn marks: the sandpaper trick

For a light burn, take a very fine piece of sandpaper and rub it in circular motions from the outside to the inside of the stain. And this, until the total disappearance of the mark.