Today, the question for many people is: “How to clean carpets at home” and more, especially the more get carpets. For this reason, they can quickly acquire a worn or frayed appearance: stains and a dirty look. How to take care of rosary further keeps their appeal and to get rid of spots – will be discussed in this article.

Simple Carpet Storage

 The cover was taken for cleaning, if it was needed when it appeared from there, or if it was light. Simple and systematic storage – the product is guaranteed to last a long time, retains its original brightness and does not require further large-scale, expensive cleaning. The simplest action for carpet storage is to clean the water with a dry cloth, as always. Today, the use of a broom for cleaning is rare, but it is one of the most effective and, most importantly, to solve the problem of existing actions, you need to clean the carpet at home. Simply sweeping the house will not only remove the dirt from the topcoat floor but at the same time make it shine with new products.

Dry Cleaning Regularly

If you think about the question of how to clean carpets at home, then, of course, you can not remove the vacuum cleaner. Dry cleaning should be done at least twice a week to use it. All actions – covering and collisions – should be performed in a deep direction.

Another point: It is not recommended for dry cleaning with a very strong unit. This can lead to the destruction of a heap, especially a thick and long one. The carpets should include comprehensive regular maintenance as well as back cleaning. Remove dirt and grime until it is possible through the application of the same vacuum cleaner. This is done once a month.

How to clean carpet house dirt? For this purpose, you just need to make it a plane, so that it was at the bottom of the mound, crushed. Here it is often wrong to say that it cannot be stopped. It is also very detrimental to the structure of the mound and the covering of common species in general. Do this for the 1st time this year – and the product will keep the brightness from the permanent colour.

How to Clean Carpets at Home: Water Treatment

Surfaces such as wet cleaning should be done 3-4 times a day. In a detergent, you can use a range of professional products for household chemical loads, or resort to your preparation of the solution. Wet carpet cleaning water should be 17-20 degrees and then mixed with baby soap shampoo. The solution needs to be beaten into a thick foam and can begin to sink. Sponge, wrapped in that bag, you need to moisten with a lot of foam and walk on the perimeter of the carpet. All movements must be guided. It should be placed on a flat surface to dry, for further carpeting, and especially in the shade. Another favourite home, as well as carpet cleaning, refers to the population to solve the problem. This solution is with vinegar. A tablespoon of it is added to the already known soap composition applied to the entire area blanket equally. In case of stubborn dirt, wash with clean, warm water, using tools.