How can we save the carpets affected by the flood?

Homeowners who face water infiltration, caused by leaking pipes or accidental flooding, need to be concerned primarily with mold. Mold does not need much moisture to grow and cause irreparable damage. If we also talk about dark spaces, with a humid environment, then the mold will grow unhindered. In the case of unfortunate flood-like accidents that have affected the carpet, it is prone to mold. Even if apparently the problem, namely water, seems to be completely eliminated, carpets are a good environment for contaminants. Exposure to mold causes health problems for many people. It irritates the lungs, throat, eyes and nose. The spread of mold in the air triggers symptoms in people who have allergies, asthma and hay fever.

There are three types of water that can affect carpets.

One type is “white” or “clean” water. This water is the water pumped into the house, the fresh one. It can be from a sink or bathtub, a faulty power line, a malfunction of the washing machine or water washer, or a damaged faucet. For 48 hours, the water is harmless.

Another category is the so-called gray water. Water that has been standing for more than 48 hours is considered gray water. This category includes wastewater from showers, bathtubs and sinks, water discharged from dishwashers and washing machines and any water that has been in contact with human waste. Gray water occurs when an appliance malfunctions. This water is most likely contaminated and has the potential to cause health risks.

The last category is called “black water”, which occurs during a flood and has as its main source sewerage. May contain chemicals from soil residues, animal waste, fertilizers or other contaminated particles. Black water is very unhealthy, toxins and organisms in this category being responsible for many diseases.

What can be saved? Different safety measures are taken for each category. Saving carpets from water damage in the first two categories depends on the damage to the material, not necessarily on the fact that a carpet has been contaminated. All porous surfaces contaminated with water of the last category must be discarded. An antique rug, very valuable, can be tried to be saved by a restoration company specializing in textiles.

If you feel like these tips didn’t work for you then you can call reputed carpet water damage restoration professionals to get rid of these problems.